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What is K Rend?

Rendering is the process of applying a protective layer to an external or internal wall to protect brickwork or blocks and to improve the appearance of the building. K rend is a limestone and silicone-based rendering product which provides a superior level of water repellence to protect brickwork or other external surfaces to other, traditional, rendering solutions such as cement and sand or pebble-dashing. At the same time as providing protection from weather and rainwater from the outside K rend allows the underlying wall to ‘breathe’ and release water vapour that naturally occurs in a brick wall. K rend is highly durable, low maintenance and available in a variety of colours and finishes. Although it is designed to be used outdoors K rend can also be used on interior walls to provide an aesthetic finish to walls that still allows them to breathe naturally.

How Long Does K Rend Last?

K rend is considerably more durable than other materials used to render a building such as a cement and sand mix. It is designed to last for the lifetime of the building, if it is applied professionally and maintained annually. If washed annually with a suitable detergent K rend will withstand cracking, crumbling and fading as well as resisting algae, mould and fungus which may disfigure the appearance of the building. See below for details about how to wash and care for K Rend properly. If the K rend is applied in an area where it is subjected to prolonged damp conditions, it may also require an annual coating of an anti-fungal solution, you can discuss this with a contractor if you are concerned.

Can you paint over K Rend?

K rend can be painted over, provided it is a suitable masonry paint which allows the render to continue to ‘breathe’. If unsure, advice should be sought on the correct paint before this is attempted if it is not being done by a professional. It should also be born in mind that even with the requisite specialist paint, frequent coats of paint can damage the ability of K rend to allow the wall underneath to ‘breathe’ naturally. If a change in colour is sought, it may also be possible to apply a second layer of K rend of a different colour, but this should only be done by a professional contractor.

How to clean K Rend

Although K rend can be cleaned with a warm pressure wash with a suitable detergent care must be taken to adjust the pressure to avoid damaging the surface. Alternatively, K rend can be cleaned with a ‘soft wash’ which is a less aggressive cleaning technique using an appropriate blend of chemical detergents rather than high pressure to dissolve and lift dirt. As well as cleaning the surface soft washing chemicals will kill off algae, fungus, spores and mould, keeping the K rend cleaner for longer. Soft washing also uses less water than pressure washing, and the chemicals used are biodegradable, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

Other useful information

There are other benefits to using K rend. It gives a smoother, more natural looking finish than many rendering products, and is easily applied, whether by hand or by machine. It is readily workable and will adhere to a variety of different surfaces including brickwork, sandstone, existing unpainted renders, blocks and insulation boards. It can also be applied to painted renders but either the paint must be removed first or a breathable membrane interface added to provide a barrier. Because it comes in a variety of colours and textures K rend offers a wide range of versatility to complete the look of a building.

K rend is often used as a generic term for render in the building trade, but like Hoover and Biro it is in fact a brand name that has become a catch-all term. K rend is a brand of Kilwaughter Minerals Ltd, a chemical production company based in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

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