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There is a great variety among window cleaning companies when it comes to the cost of cleaning commercial windows. The cost to clean commercial windows varies due to several factors including location, method and quantity of work. Window cleaning companies may charge by the hour, per window or a fixed price which is why it can be difficult to get an average cost.

To help you make an informed decision as a customer, we’ve gathered the most important pricing factors regarding commercial window cleaning.


The location has a big impact on pricing for window cleaning services. As you can imagine, London will have higher prices than in Cardiff due to a higher cost of living and transportation costs. When comparing similar commercial buildings across London and Cardiff, commercial window cleaning prices in London can start from £60+ per hour, whereas in Cardiff they may typically start from £30+ per hour depending on the service you choose.

Quantity Of Work

If there are a higher number of floors and a higher number of windows then the price will reflect this. There are cases where the style of window can mean that it is more expensive to clean than standard windows. An example includes Georgian windows which take 2-4 times longer to clean, both internally and externally.

Due to the extra framework around each small window, they require an individual clean to each pane of glass and a detailed scrub around the framework, all within one window! 

Multiple storeys may mean a ladder is needed and this requires a minimum of two workers to clean the windows, one to watch/hold the ladder from a safety point of view.


Depending on how tall the building is, different equipment may be used. For example, if the window cleaning services include the use of a Water-Fed Pole then this can vary the prices, especially the material of the pole. A pole made from glass fibre will be the cheapest, then at a medium cost comes the composite pole and finally, at a higher cost, there is a carbon fibre pole. Certain poles that reach up to 7 storeys can be around the £3k mark and this will be reflected in the window cleaning service prices. The greater the cost of the pole, the more effective it will be due to its enhanced strength and rigidity which means increased control and ability to clean higher windows.

For taller buildings, if a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) is required then this will increase the price drastically.  For a MEWP, a minimum of 3 workers are required which includes one to drive the machine, one to work from the basket and one man to ensure safety from the ground for the public. As an estimate, to hire a Mobile Elevating Work Platform can be around £1,200K minimum – depending on location and size of the machines – and this would be reflected in the window cleaning service costs.

A job that only requires a Water-Fed Pole is usually cheaper than one involving a MEWP or ladders as only one person is needed for the majority cases.

Purifying Systems

To achieve a streak-free finish, sometimes a purifying system may be used for window cleaning to purify the water to give a better finish. The purifying process uses filters and membranes to remove sediment that is contained in tap water. If the water is completely pure then the job is easier and the quality of the work will be much better, But the purifying process may be a factor in window cleaning service costs.

These are the main factors that are considered when you are trying to figure out how much it costs to clean commercial windows. Some companies may offer discounts depending on if you require their services only once or on an ongoing basis. Be sure to ask if the quote is per hour, per window or at a fixed price.

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