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High Rise Window Cleaning

From the ground or at height, our pure water system will leave your windows sparkling clean for longer

High Rise Window Cleaning

Pure Water Window Cleaning System

How we work

High Rise Window Cleaning from the Ground

Pure water system works by feeding purified water through the pole up to the required height. Dirt is scrubbed and washed away with water. Purified water doesn’t leave any residue on the glass and dries to a perfectly sparkling finish.

  • Cleans up to five storeys high from the ground
  • Crystal clear finish once dry
  • No chemicals used – safe for the building and environment
  • Suitable for frames, sills and walls
  • Your privacy is maintained all the time
  • Fast and cost-effective cleaning
  • SAFE Contractor certified
Our window cleaning technology

Our approach to high rise window cleaning

Our methodical approach and experience delivers stunning results all the time

  1. We do visual checks and evaluation prior to starting work, making notes on visible spots and dirt levels to know which areas will require special attention.
  2. Our lightweight poles allow us to clean and scrub up to five storeys high as well as reaching skylights and windows in tricky spots whilst staying safely on the ground. For buildings higher than this, we will be operating from a platform.
  3. Working as a team, we do the job quickly, especially as we have no heavy equipment or ladders to move around.
  4. Once we have scrubbed and rinsed all windows and frames, windows are left to dry. As pure water doesn’t contain any chemicals, minerals or sediments it dries off not leaving any residue, leaving windows cleaner for longer as dirt doesn’t have anything to cling to.

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Flexible Working

One off jobs or flexible contract terms to suit all businesses for all our cleaning services.

Safe Contractor

For peace of mind we are Safe Contractor Approved, fully insured and carry out all work to highest standards

Cleaner Cardiff

For cleaner windows, shops, factories and buildings in the Cardiff area - contact us with your requirements.

Cardiff Window Cleaner Ltd are a team of professionals who have exceptional standards at what they do. They really do take pride in their work and have removed many a headache by keeping our clients happy over the years by just doing a high quality job. If you need a building externally maintained then look no further than the team at Cardiff Window Cleaner Ltd.

Quality Assured Facilities Services

We started using Cardiff Window Cleaner just over a year ago and we now use them on a lot of our sites in South Wales. We have been very impressed with their service and the quality of their work and also how quickly they respond to any issues. They are very easy to work with and we couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Hazel Vine Property Management

We used these guys for render cleaning on our house and were amazed by the results, total transformation. Communication was great throughout too. Highly recommend

Tom Davies