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Render & Surface
Soft Wash

Render Cleaning

Cardiff Window Cleaner Ltd has many different solutions for all surfaces including all kinds of render, stone and brickwork to powder coated surfaces that look drab and faded after weathering.

Commercial Surface & Render Cleaning

Many make the assumption that when external surfaces become tired or weathered then the only way to make them look like new again is to either paint or replace the surface with new material. The two environmentally friendly products we use are ‘Benz Blackwash’ and ‘Algoclear Pro’. This Video highlights their effectiveness.

Our render cleaning technology

Blackwash is the only sodium hypochlorite based soft wash biocide that has full government approval from:
• The Irish PCD (Pesticide Control Division)
• The UK HSE (Health & Safety Executive)
• REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of Chemicals)

We use Blackwash as a stand-alone soft wash solution, or in conjunction with power washing and/or Biocidal Wash.


BENZ Biocidal Wash

UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) approval certificate number: 9936

Irish Pesticide Control Service (PCS) number: 9807


BENZ Blackwash

UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) approval certificate number: 10161

Irish Pesticide Control Service (PCS) number: 9841

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