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CASE STUDY: Commercial window cleaning after building works in Llanedeyrn
LOCATION: Llanedeyrn, Cardiff, CF23 9PN
WORK REQUIRED: Builder’s Clean

In the East of Cardiff in Llanedeyrn, The Cardiff Window Cleaner Ltd Team were assigned with the all important task to clean windows after a duration of building works for 16 brand new units. After building works, there is always a need for a deep clean to occur and for the windows this is certainly no exception.

What are some things that can build up on windows during this situation?

Cement & general dirt

Aside from general dirt, Cement is one of the common things that those who get building work done experience.

Silicone, Adhesives & Caulk

Using silicone, adhesives or caulk? If they have not been applied correctly or with a steady hand then they can surely leave a mark on your windows.

Protective coatings

Protective coatings are put on windows commonly during building work to minimise windows getting dirty. Any protective coatings that are put on the windows may also leave some residue.


Getting your walls painted? Unless it’s an expert painter, you might have some paint splatters on your windows.

Sticky Tape & Window Stickers

Covering your windows using sticky tape? That can also leave a residue, making your windows dirty.

Window cleaning is an essential part of a project like this as the windows are the eyes in and out of the house. This means that they draw a lot of attention when you pull up to a property so need to be properly cleaned by professionals to avoid damage and the risk of needing to replace the panes.

What risks are there when dealing with windows that are soiled with many different building materials?

There is a risk of scratching or even cracking a pane of glass if it is not cleaned in the proper way. Also, the framework may be scratched or even discoloured if the correct tools and chemicals are not used. Professional window cleaners avoid a scraper for the most part. There are occasions where this is an acceptable method if used correctly but is not the best practice. 

Correct methods for removing certain substances from glass can vary. At Cardiff Window Cleaner Ltd, we have the experience and know how to remove them without causing any damage or scratches at all.

Assess the situation

Cleaning windows after a major home renovation job, or any type of new construction like this job in Llanedeyrn, Cardiff, is not like your standard window clean throughout the year, as you’ll often need to remove construction dust, adhesive, paint, and other debris from windows that have just been installed in a new home.

Tools Required

Never use standard cleaning tools and methods when you’re cleaning windows after construction, as you can actually damage the window glass as well as the window frames when you use the wrong cleaning equipment on these windows!

Using abrasive tools, or trying to simply wipe away construction dust and other debris with paper towels can mean actually rubbing this debris into the glass, so that it then gets scratched and nicked. You may also simply waste time and money trying to remove thick construction dust and other debris from window glass with everyday tools and materials, if you don’t understand the correct way of getting those windows clean.

How Can We Help?

If you have a window cleaning project that you would like our help with, why not call the team at Cardiff Window Cleaner Ltd on 07971048128 or 07976878819 for a free no obligation quote for your project.

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