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CASE STUDY: High Reach Window Cleaning in Central Cardiff
LOCATION: Market Chambers, St Mary Steet, Cardiff, Wales
WORK REQUIRED: External High Reach Window Cleaning

Cardiff Window Cleaner Ltd were recently given the task of cleaning the outside of the high rise windows at Market Chambers, Central Cardiff. There were a few challenges the team faced with such a project, they were:

  1. Height: The windows needed to be cleaned up to and including the fourth storey.
  2. Age: The windows have old wooden frames which are fragile and prone to leaking.
  3. Safety: The building is in a very busy area, so the safety of workers and shoppers had to be assured.

So, how did Cardiff Window Cleaner Ltd successfully accomplish the task? It was, as usual, all in a day’s work to Ben and his experienced team.

The solution to the height:
Selecting the correct tools for the job is always vital, in this case, a 60’ lightweight and hi-mod pole with an extra-long neck for reaching over the deep stone sills. Hi-mods are stiff and so any whip at the brush head which is so undesirable is almost eliminated allowing really accurate control of the brush even at 60’.

The solution to the age:
Trained operatives are able to both scrub gently and lift off to permit rinsing with nothing but absolutely pure water. State of the art water flow rate controllers as fitted to Cardiff Window Cleaner Ltd’s Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans permits the selection of the correct flow rate to clean well without water ingress.  

The solution to safety:
No problem, as an early start and strategically placed warning signs ensures that the work is carried out when there are very few pedestrians about and any early risers can clearly see that the work area is to be avoided.

With another potentially tricky job right in the middle of Central Cardiff successfully negotiated and all with the day barely started, it was on to the next window cleaning assignment for Ben and the boys! Looking for a similar service or have other window cleaning needs? Get in touch with us today.

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