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What is biocide?

A biocide is any substance which is used to destroy, make harmless or control a harmful organism. Biocides are regularly used in medicine, agriculture, forestry and industry. The active agent that makes these substances a biocide can be chemicals, or it can be microorganisms such as bacteria. A very wide range of substances are classed as biocides, including ones people encounter every day, such as cleaning products.

What is a biocide cleaner?

A biocide cleaner is any cleaning product that also kills or destroys an organism, such as antibacterial surface cleaner, anti-fungal cleaners or cleaning products designed to prevent algae growth. Many small organisms such as mold or moss on roofs can be problematic so cleaning products will often include biocides designed to stop those coming back for as long as possible after they’re cleaned.

What is biocide used for?

Biocides have a huge range of uses. Some common examples for using biocides include soft-washing on render, disinfectants and weed killer. Domestic antibacterial cleaners, chlorine in swimming pools, pest control and wood preservatives are all also examples of biocides. Biocides are also used in industrial settings, such as water and sewage treatment centres. Biocidal cleaners are used to treat organisms which damage the surfaces being cleaned, such as moss, mold, fungus or algae.

Is biocide dangerous?

It can entirely depend on which biocide and what the circumstances are. Some biocides can have high toxicity, such as chlorine bleach, but biocides available on the market are strictly controlled and are not dangerous if used correctly. However, all warning labels and instructions for use should be read carefully and the products treated with respect. Biocide cleaners are manufactured to be safe for people, pets and the environment.

Is bleach a biocide?

Yes, bleach is a type of biocide. However, it is only one of many different substances which are classed as biocides and most biocides are not bleach.

Is a biocide a pesticide?

Sometimes the words biocide and pesticide are used interchangeably, but they shouldn’t be. A pesticide is a form of biocide, but not all biocides are pesticides. A pesticide is a biocide which is being used specifically to destroy organisms such as insects which attack food or animal feed products. Our biocide cleaning products are not pesticides.

Biocidal products

Biocidal cleaning products come in different types, targeted to doing different jobs. Some are designed for quick and efficient cleaning to produce instant results. Others are designed to give longer lasting protection by leaving some biocide behind. Some are targeted at specific organisms such as mold, fungus or algae, and others may be more general. There are also products optimised for different surfaces such as render, brick, windows, roofing tiles or patios. Talk to us about finding the right product for you!

Benz biocidal wash

Benz is a company which produces a wide variety of popular biocidal washes for different scenarios. Some like Lightning Cleanze give rapid cleaning results. Bio Cleanze leaves a residue, helping to prevent damaging moss, mold, algae or fungus from returning. Oxy Cleanze is designed to kill rust and limescale and remove associated stains. Other products are especially designed for roofs, patios or windows.

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